Tech Support

Top notch Technology Assistance

Heroic Tech Support & Service

Custom tailored tech support for your business.

Remote Assistance

Simple, quick and efficient

Initiating a direct connection into your computer to give you instant tech support without having to dispatch a technician to travel on-site.

Onsite Support

Thorough, in-person, understanding

Effective communication while understanding the problem and explaining the solution - with you, in person. Same day service is offered, depending on availability.


Immediate & after-hours

Your first line of defense when a system goes unresponsive overnight. A technician will be dispatched to your location within 5 minutes of initial confirmation.

Helpdesk Tech Support Services - Brown IT Solutions

Retain our help desk support services to ensure you're getting the IT assistance you need.

Guaranteed Help-Desk

Our help desk services can be retained in hourly blocks, in monthly installments – This is recommend for high volume ticket sites and clients that prefer to have immediate resolution to their issues.

How does our Guaranteed Support work?

  • Emergency telephone hotline will ring all of our engineers.

  • Brown IT Technicians are on call for after hour issues, every day of the week

  • Unattended service means that we can fix an issue without your involvement

  • We'll monitor all of your critical business resources

  • Our team is available via online chat during business hours

Tech Support

We offer a variety of tech support options to suit your business needs - working through any and all technical issues at your pace.

System Administration

Setting up your systems and processes to keep your operations running during all business hours.

Data Backup & Recovery

Ensuring your systems are backed up in the event of data loss. Protecting data is a top-priority.

Managed Cloud

We ensure that your cloud systems are operating at peak performance. A worry-free cloud experience.

How does IT work for you?

IT shouldn't be a sore point for your business. Let's talk about how we can solve your technology issues.

Ramblings from an IT perspective.

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