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IT Support for Non-Profit Organizations and Associations

More donors, sponsors, and volunteers are turning to technology to facilitate actions, make connections, and grow awareness in their communities. Non-profit “back-office” functions such as financial reporting, sustainability planning, and performance measurement are all based on IT capabilities. Non-profits organizations are now experiencing the close relationship between their IT infrastructure and the ability to sustain their mission.

Most non-profits face similar IT challenges:

  • Funding: Non-profits “struggle” with IT budgeting, whether it is because of real cash flow issues or because every dollar spent here is a dollar less than can be dedicated towards their mission.

  • Staffing: It doesn't make sense for non-profits to carry deep technical expertise in-house. Outsourcing IT functions allows non-profits to deliver more dollars to their mission and give their staff the IT support and expertise as needed.

  • Mobile: Most non-profit staff are always on the go. Everyone wears multiple hats and has a hand in everything. Being mobile allows you to get the work done from anywhere.

Brown IT Solutions takes on the responsibility and accountability for managing your entire IT environment to deliver the performance and security. By spending less of your time and resources on technology, your organization can devote more time to interacting with sponsors, volunteers, and donors–who, as a community, can drive your mission.

IT support for non profits - Brown IT Solutions
IT problem solving for non-profits.

Working with Non-Profits

Not only do non-profits have budgetary constraints but they have a fiduciary obligation to their donors to operate their IT environments in an efficient and secure manner.  Brown IT Solution’s fixed prices, which include security services and full 24×7 support, can make IT work for non-profit organizations.  Our knowledge of necessary membership and donation software can assist any non-profit organization.  Many non-profits have to maintain compliance with several IT process and security standards including HIPAA, PCI and SSAE 16.  Brown IT maintains compliance with all of these standards and can show you how our operating environment can assist you in any audit.

At the end of the day,  non-profit organizations just want something that works. You want technology resources you can depend on, and you want to know you are getting expert advice. When it comes to finding the biggest-bang for a non-profit’s buck, non-profits are turning to Brown IT’s Support Services for our detailed technology experience.

We are familiar with – a technology procurement service that offers discounted technology products. We can guarantee that you will get the most out of your dollar.

IT Support Options for your Non-Profit

IT Consulting – Our IT leaders organize your IT operations to enable maximum efficiency and growth in your business.

Managed IT Services– Every device you rely on to run your mission is maintained and supported 24×7. We proactively manage your devices both remotely and on-site.

Cloud Services– Get the benefits of an enterprise-class data center for a fraction of the cost with advanced security and protection, industry compliance criteria, risk management, redundant connectivity, and customizable backup and disaster recovery solutions.

VOIP and Phones – Stay available with our affordable VOIP options. No upfront equipment cost, only pay for what you use. 99.9% guaranteed availability means that you won’t miss a beat.

IT Support for Non Profits

Stop spending time on technology and focus more on your mission

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