Michigan Marijuana Provisioning Centers

Compliance first technology solutions that are proven to last.

Technology Support for Michigan Marijuana Provisioning Centers

Operating a successful Michigan Marijuana Provisioning Center requires more attention than what a normal business would need. An important extra layer of compliance and regulation will always be at the forefront. These extra requirements call for a high level of business detail. Taking advantage of technology to assist in balancing operations becomes crucial.

Brown IT Solutions can assist your Michigan Marijuana Provisioning Center with all of your technology needs. Camera Surveillance, Door Access Control & Monitoring, Compliance, Point of Sale, Digital Signage, and more.

Compliant First Solutions

The proper technology can keep your Provisioning Center compliant with the State of Michigan. A versatile Retail Point of Sale System that is integrated with Metrc to make tracking Seed to Sale an easy process. Ensuring a 3 ID verification minimum with detailed patient tracking.

Our extensive work with Non-Profit & Healthcare organizations has made us familiar with Michigan’s regulations and compliance processes. Keeping you compliant with LARA‘s regulation is our main goal.

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Our technology offerings for Michigan Marijuana Provisioning Centers are compliant, secure, and proven to last.

Compliance First

Our technology solutions are focused on keeping your Provisioning Center complaint. Brown IT Solution’s engineers are trained on keeping systems regulated and within specification of the State of Michigan requirements. We will only recommend solutions that fit within LARA’s scope.

Secure Patient Data Systems

Building on the expected features of automated menu and extension / voicemail handling, you will have the option to add dial by voice command and smarter extension handling including fallback to alternate destinations. Have a client calling for a specific employee but they are out of office? The system will try their cell phone, and if there’s still no pickup will fall back to their voicemail.

High Performance Surveillance

24 hour, 7 days a week business surveillance with all of the necessary features for every business owner. Remote viewing via mobile app (iPhone or Andriod), video backup and retention, high quality indoor and outdoor cameras, and more.

Access Control & Building Security

Install an access control system on your building to ensure proper everyday access. Assign each of your staff members their own keyfob to unlock and lock doors. Remotely manage and secure your facilities with a single mouse click. Tracking and logging of entrances can help ensure compliance.

Metrc Integration & Training

Busy Processing Center owners and employees don’t always have the time to invest into learning new software. However, Metrc must be learned to remain compliant for Seed to Sale tracking. Brown IT Solutions can facilitate training to make it easy for everyone to understand. We also work with a number of Metrc certified POS systems and can get your shop set up with the correct one.

Digital Signage & Showroom Lighting

Make your showroom stand out with digital signage. Boost your in-door marketing with rotating screens that include special offers or coupons. Provide a high quality image of your product without having to remove it from the case. Display pricing and business information easily for everyone to view.

Mobile Delivery Service Solutions

Ensure success with your mobile delivery service with the correct technology. Track and manage your patients from anywhere with a mobile device. Easily manage sales and inventory while on the road. Effortlessly push marketing campaigns to boost revenue and sales. Brown IT Solutions can handle all of your technology needs for your mobile operation.

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