Camera Surveillance for Michigan Provisioning Centers

Brian - August 29, 2019 - 0 comments

Camera Surveillance & Compliance

Section R35 of LARA’s Provisioning Center Inspection Sheet covers all of your requirements for security and surveillance measures. There are several guidelines that your camera surveillance system must comply with. Without going over the entire checklist with you, I wanted to point out the area that I often see organizations overlook.

All licencees must keep surveillance recordings for a minimum of 30 days.

Important Overlooked Details

Most facilities underestimate the amount of recording space needed to retain a minimum of 30 days of footage. I often recommend that your surveillance data storage should accommodate for a minimum of 45 days. Is your current system capable of handling the minimum requirements set by LARA? Do you have a camera footage data backup or retention plan in place?

NVR Surveillance System - Brown IT Solutions - Owosso and Lansing MI
A camera surveillance system from Brown IT Solutions includes remote monitoring with Android and iOS mobile apps.

Contact Brown IT Solutions

Brown IT Solutions specializes in state of the art camera surveillance systems that are affordable and can be easily scaled to correct size. We cover sales, installation, and everything your provisioning center needs to remain compliant. Already have an existing camera system in place? No, problem. We’ll give you a hand regardless of who installed it.

We understand all of LARA’s compliance details from a technology standpoint. Our work with Michigan Non-Profit and Healthcare Organizations has familiarized us with various forms of regulated compliance.

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