Supercharge your Business WiFi

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Brown IT Solutions - Supercharge your business WiFi - Owosso, Michigan
Enhance your business WiFi with Cloud Managed WiFi from Brown IT Solutions

Gone are the days when businesses purchased a $50 wireless router and tossed it in a building with hundreds of employees. Everyone had the SSID password within an hour and the WiFi was crippled to a snail’s pace. Business can no longer make due with providing sub-par WiFi to employees. Critical operations and business necessities rely on high speed wireless service. Today, most office require a managed WiFi solution

Cloud Managed Business WiFi

Managed business WiFi from Brown IT Solutions provides private wireless access for employees and a public WiFi network for guests in one complete solution. We handle design, installation, and ongoing management of your WiFi system. All of our equipment includes built-in security, regular firmware updates, and capabilities of handling 100+ clients per access point. We grow with your business, from a wireless router to a large network with hundreds of access points spanning across multiple sites.

Enhanced Network Security

With our Cloud Managed WiFi service your entire network becomes transparent. Our exclusive single-pane-of-glass software paints a clear picture of your network. We’re able to segment specific sections into sub-networks and isolate the connections to & from. All connected clients will be logged and monitored (if needed), making it easy to pinpoint an attack or an unwarranted user. Bandwidth hogs and unwanted users will be a thing of the past.

Get A Free Wireless Network Evaluation

Not sure about where your current business wireless setup stands in today’s technology? Brown IT Solutions is offering free wireless network evaluations to all businesses in Mid-Michigan. All you have to do is contact us and we’ll get to work. We’ll give you a full report of your current WiFi setup along with some recommendations you can make with your existing equipment. Brown IT Solutions is Mid-Michigan’s resource for all Cisco Meraki and high-powered business WiFi equipment.

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