Effective Restaurant IT Solutions

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Restaurant IT Support - Brown IT Solutions - Owosso, Michigan

Efficient Restaurant Systems and Support

Keep your establishment running smoothly

Every minute matters in a fast past restaurant environment. Minor system issues – Front or Back of house – will cause inconvenience and in inefficiencies with operations. The downtime might be minor but, can be very costly. Brown IT can ensure that your restaurant systems stay reliable and operational. Our flexiable IT Solutions fit perfectly with a fast-paced restaurant or cafe. Our services can be scaled up or down to fit your exact needs.

Benefit from the Cloud

Utilize the power of the cloud for guaranteed system performance

All business can benefit from the cloud, Restaurants especially can greatly benefit from Cloud technologies. A few perks of utilizing the cloud as a restaurant operations resource are:

  • Remotely storing your business data. Having an up-to-date copy of your internal system data stored on the cloud would prevent data loss due to hackers or system outages.

  • Accessing your data from anywhere. Busy FOH or BOH managers can work and access their data from anywhere.

  • Cloud based software. More and more POS software systems are now using the cloud to leverage their application. This guarantees up-time for the busy restaurant. It also keeps your systems up-to-date automatically.

Secure & Healthy Sytems

Regularly scheduled security and system assessments

To ensure that your business’ network is healthy and secure, we regularly conduct assessments and generate reports on the state of the system. These keep you up-to-date on any concerns that could possibly effect operations. We take a preventative approach to identifying new issues – backed by ITIL standards.

One Fixed Monthly Fee

Easy to budget rates that include same-day service

Don’t let your Sunday brunch rush be interrupted by system outages. There is nothing worse than having to hire costly technicians to fix a problem after the fact. We offer comprehensive services at one simple and easy to budget rate. We will monitor your entire system 24/7 to address any issues as they may arise, helping to minimize downtime and make the most of the system you have in place.

Brown IT Solutions provides IT Support for Mid-Michigan Restaurants

Fast, friendly, and reliable tech support for restaurant establishments.

To learn more about how Brown IT Solutions can assist your restaurant’s computer systems, contact us at hello@brown-it.com

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