Hassle free networking with a Cloud Managed Network

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By the end of 2019, more than 65% of enterprises expect that at least half of their infrastructure will be cloud based. Worldwide spending on IT related cloud base infrastructure doubled in 2018 alone. This means that not only are businesses leveraging the cloud for applications, websites, and other business tools – they are also turning to the cloud to better manage their core IT infrastructure. Sure, a lot of businesses are using it but, what is it?

What is a Cloud Managed Network?

Cloud managed networking is a way of administering a business network through the cloud. Managing a network has typically been an onsite task for most network administrators. Cloud Managed Networks utilize a SaaS (Security as a software) model to make it easy to control and analyze devices connected to your network.

All networking operations can be managed through one software platform. This is especially ideal for organizations that are hoping to achieve a more detailed insight into their network. All clients, access points, switches, and routers are visible from one dashboard.

Cloud ‘networking-as-a-service’ includes switches, access points and security appliances. The technology gives you total visibility over deployment, management, monitoring and diagnosis of issues on a network. Once a device is connected to the network, it can easily load the running configuration from the cloud. This also means that businesses have greater control over scaling their infrastructure.

Most notable cloud managed network providers are Cisco Meraki, Aruba and Ubiquity. Each offer their own centralized management dashboard and proprietary equipment. Typically when purchasing hardware, a licence must accompany the physical device. If you purchase 5 wireless access points, you’ll need to purchase 5 access licences. Licenses are generally renewed on a yearly subscription basis.

A solution to comprehensive IT networks.

Many networking challenges often are solved with a dedicated team of experienced engineers. Costs can inflate when unexpected networking issues arise. With a cloud managed network, diagnosing issues becomes more manageable. Working within a single dashboard, not having to jump through hoops, saves on costs.

Many of the Cloud Managed Network providers offer hassle free tools to gain the most out of your network.

  • Auto VPN
  • Simple Deployments
  • Network Monitoring
  • SD-Wan Visibility
  • WiFi Analytics
  • Complete Security

About Cisco Meraki

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